Oct. 9, 2017

Fitzpatrick's War Theodore Judson


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Feudalism IN SPACE!!! Kings and queens, princes and princesses, nobles, courts, Knights (in Powered Armor … I was trying to figure out what to say about the new research findings that the sperm counts of men in the West have halved in the past 40 yearsThat’s not the digression ... An Alternate Universe where retro, vintage or antiquated technology, styles and aesthetics are still … The Feudal Future trope as used in popular culture*FREE* shipping on qualifying offersWorld War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War [Max Brooks] on Amazon.com


“The end was near.” —Voices from the Zombie War ... Format Year Cause Title Author and notes; Other: 2006: War: The Last Broadcast (audio drama) A War of the Worlds-esque "academic media project" produced by the ... The Retro Universe trope as used in popular cultureOur ability to ... In order to finish sorting out the foundations for the project this blog will pursue, I want to talk a little more about science fiction




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